What's your favorite trick element/mount?

I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours 8)

I like the Houdini mount a lot. Also, chopsticks. As far as elements go I really like whips, rejections, etc. really anything that involves slack.

I like double or nothing to a mach 5.

I fins myself doing GT’s way to much. Also houdini mounts.

I tend to 1.5 mounts.

Wrist mount are is my favorite mount.

Green triangles and wrist mount. Also gotta love slack

1.5’s and green triangles! :slight_smile:

usually 1.5 and Houdini mounts.
also slack and chopstick elements.

Any slack to green triangle trick. Favorite mount is, 1 and a 1/2 mount

1.5 and green triangle

Trapeze, yeah…

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I like magic drop

I use the 1.5 mount and Houdini mount a lot. As far as actual elements are concerned, I like GT’s and slack.

LOL many people write gt and 1.5

There are many tricks you can lead to with those mounts or different variations that make people want to yoyo more.

I knew it!!!



Probably 1.5

For some reason boing E boing always impress me. Even when I was a noob and now 2 years of yoyoing. Hehe

Can you do it now?

i like 1.5 to GT and slack