What's your favorite trick element/mount?

Yes now i need to do the boing e boing where you hit it between the chopstics. dont know what its called. Jayyo made a tut for it

I would have to agree with everyone and say 1.5 and GT.

This one I call magic Jade tangle

I think your talking about the trick “protrusion”

Eh, I do way too much stuff with houdini and 1.5 mounts. And GT’s. It makes me feel lame haha.

Oh and favorite element? Kohta Finger-spins :wink:

my most technical trick at the moment is an atomic bomb going directly into a split the atom, (with the loops still on my throwhand index finger) dismount into a reverse brain twister to undo the wraps, then on the last loop, bind and return. it’s not the most involved trick, but hey, i just got into yo-yoing about 5 weeks ago.

i suppose my favorite mount is the split bottom, but then, i realistically only know brain twister, trapeze, split bottom, and double or nothing.