Need to learn some new crazy mounts.


So i know all the mounts on this site ( Ladder Mount, Double or nothing, etc). I know all that. And ive made up a bunch of mounts.

Now I want to learn some new mounts to make some new crazy tricks off of. Show me what you guys got and have found!


split bottom

Lots of great mounts can be found on the YoYoEpertTutorial’s chanel on YouTube.

The mounts from the beggining of the tricks.

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The basic chopsticks mount is kinda cool.

Not the greatest quality but I found one. :wink:

Where might it be? :smiley:

1.5 chopsticks
2.0 chopsticks
3.0 chopsticks
reverse double or nothing, from the trick rewind
the endure mount, just a modified houdini