1: Which is your favorite mount?
2: Which has the most potential for add ons?
3: Which is the most difficult for you?

I’ll start.
1: Houdini mount
2: trapeze. It’s basic but can start many tricks.
3: Spirit bomb mount gives me more trouble than 1.5s ever used to lol

Isn’t the spirit bomb mount the wrist mount?

1: Wrist mount
2: Trapeze
3: Probably 1.5 still lol, i ALWAYS have to slow down, can’t get it fluid yet.

imo, its redundant to pick favorite mounts, because it will change as your skill developes, and you dont spend time in a mount during a trick… the trick will keep evolving throgh out the performance of it… for instance once you get into ladder escape or even spirit bomb, you cant say your still in a ladder mount or a wrist mount, its only a starting point or a check point…

  1. Ladder Mount
  2. Trapeze
  3. None (Not to show off, but I can do them all smoothly); but the one that gave me the most trouble was magic drop (if that’s a mount).

P.S. A poll was not necessary for this thread if you were just going to ask us anyway…

I know it was kinda redundant, but as you see, more people voted in the poll than those who’ve commented. Just something to stir up a discussion while i was stuck in this hurricane:)

  1. Ladder Mount
  2. Ladder Mount
  3. Ladder Mount

It’s true, not for fun.

1: Trapeze or Trapeze and Bro.
2: Houdini
3: Ladder mount.

Whats the difference between the ladder mount and the alternate? I was looking for a good tut. and all I found was for the alternate ladder mount

I had the same problem finding a good tut for a ladder mount couldnt figure it out were the it needed to go when you hook your throw hand index in. This helped me out alot. Mabe it will help someone here too

front mount
split bottom mount

no love for brother mount :confused:

Trapeze brother or bro?