I notice that a lot of professional players create their tricks from roughly the same mount. What do you like to use? I usually use the twisted trapeze from a jumprope in “and whut”

Double or nothing. So many possibilities with it.

horizontal 1.5 mount

With every Trick Mount comes plenty of possibilities for some kind of variation. The Start and End Of A Line could be created from the Man On The Flying Trapeze.

i agree with wishiwasayoyoexpert, so much you can do from one of the basics :stuck_out_tongue:

Mine tend to be mostly houdini-mount based. I’ve found it opens the formation up more than a standard double or nothing and leaves me a bit more open for chopsticks and the like. :slight_smile:

I work way too much in 1.5

i honestly dont really like the 1.5 mount.