String tricks that turn into picture tricks

Hi! I really want to learn one of those string tricks that, at the end, turn into an eifell tower or something. What is the first one that I should learn? A tutorial link would be greatly aprecciated. Thanks!

Sorry If this is no help, but type in “Gorilla hands” on YouTube. (he’s using a cool looking yoyo) at the part where you have a structure on your NTH, do a full rotation around the structure, and grab the outer (towards the right) string. and drop NTH pointer. Sorry if it’s hard to understand… Lol

I made this up a year or two ago. I’m not sure if this is exactly the kind of thing you are looking for but I could make a tutorial if you can’t figure out what I did.

Pretty sure that’s the basic idea he’s looking for. He wants really technical Janos type tricks that end in towers.  While I’m on the topic of picture tricks, whoever made up darth vader had waaayy too much time on their hands.

Omg that is perfect! Except i just spent an hour trying to do the first ninja vanish over thumb thing, and failed miserably.

That looks really cool too! Except I watched it a few times and still don’t really know what you did.

Go to High Speed YoYo and watch the Double or Nothing Tower tutorial. And check out Rethinkyoyo’s Trapeze Tower tutorial. Both of these are great tower variations.


I didn’t understand the double or nothing, but the trapeze was pretty simple and easy and I did it!

So to do the Double or Nothing one, land on the back string of the mount, curl your finger in, turn your finger towards you, and adjust the “picture”. LOL, hope that helped!

My personal favorites:

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Oh those are good! Idk if I can do the top one (not advanced in wrist mount stuff) but the second one looks great! I’ll try it in the morning. I think the only part I’m going to have trouble wiith is when you swing it through the “hole” and land on that string…

Im like that too. I suck at landing those… I’ve only landed that trick like 3 times :-\

Try and move your hands around before you swing the yoyo over onto the bottom string so that the hole is as wide as possible, and move the bottom string into the center of the hole so that you have a pretty good chance of landing on the string without touching your fingers.

Anybody else have any?

No one?

That is waaaay too advanced for me, but that is exactly what I’m looking for. I’ll come back to this thread in a few months and check it out again. Thank you!