this trick is...?

It looks like a good, simple picture trick. anybody know what it’s called?

Which one? :stuck_out_tongue:

And those are gostop266’s, PM him maybe.

Those picture tricks are pretty simple.

They are done by landing a wrist bucket mount on the front string.

Different finger placements, you can get into “Xs” Towers, saber wings, probably more.

Try experimenting with it a bit, and see what you can come up with.

Good luck.


just the one that he does immediately after 45 secs.

ohh, i see the #t syntax didn’t go through in the embedding…

Hhmm, ok, I’ll try 'n figure it out and see if I can make a tutorial.

Is it just me or is that string a bit long? Any way good luck on learning the trick. I am learning that I am not going to keep up with the kids thies days.

i noticed that too…