yoyoGstring - SC format launch

SC (Soft Core) is finally here!

I am pleased to announce the official launch of a brand spanking new yoyoGstring format aptly named “SC - Soft Core”. Players feedback showed me that the community wanted a faster break-in time and a smooth yoyoGstring while not sacrificing the playability (slacks, suicides and speed) that the Cotton aspect brings to the string. SC is ‘roughly’ a 70/30 Polyester to Cotton mix that takes this into account. Smooth playing and long lasting. SC is the new premium format by yoyoGstring that gives you the whip and control of a stiffer string with the sweet soft suppleness of a cotton string. Players say it plays between Intentus and CC. Slacks and suicides are amazing. Yay cotton mixes!

  • Paul

Bout time!