With the extreme wall thickness I was expecting a more powerful feeling like a Fulvia, Draupnir or more aggressive version of a Hummingbird…it fell short of feeling special in that way…it has the chops to do it all perfectly and there isn’t a flaw in the Ti Sunbird it might be the smoothest yoyo I’ve ever felt, 100% Glass Smooth but nothing stands out…that’s a shame from a company that has machined so many yo-yos it seems like they could have produced an “it factor” Ti. :man_shrugging:

Really sorry it does not live up to your standard. However it is still a monometal titanium at the end of the day. Like I said before monometal ti does not have more advantage in terms of weight distribution over a bimetal. Yes the wall thickness is thin, but the titanium is much denser than 7068 so overall weight distribution will not change too much. SS has way more density than titanium so a well made bimetal with SS rings in the similar lineup will always have a more aggressive weight distribution than a monometal titanium. tiss hummingbird exist btw and that is a ti version of Hummingbird, because of similar weight distribution. ti sunbird is the ti version of sunbird.


I’ve owned over 40 Ti’s and only one TiSS so I’m not basing it on those.

I’m really enjoying the ti sunbird, it’s a nice middle ground between the hummingbird and sunbird. The blast on it is incredible, the rainbow colorway is lit and mine is glass smooth also. I’d love to see what yoyofriends could do with an original design competition oriented titanium, not based on any of your other models, designed to be the best you guys can get out of the material.

Keep up the great work!


Thank you. Also I think you are right! We will definitely look into it in the future.


Yeah I 100% agree

Our players Tomoki Toyama and Cha’Ng-Hyeon Sung (Tony) has competed in the OWYYC. Here are their prelims. Congrats on Tomoki Toyama on making into semi finals! Tomoki was using the Hummingbird for 1A (new run coming soon) Tony was using the Peregrine for 5A and the new inner ring bimetal prototype for 1A.


All new run of hummingbird is here! Featuring sliver + gold rings, green/purple fade + rainbow rings, purple + black rings, brown + ss rings. Available right here on yoyoexpert 8PM EDT on September 27th.


Not typically a brown guy but man that is sharp

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