There will be plenty of colors. Even a very special one.


Is there going to be a new Sunbird run with that beautiful Galaxy Splash colorway that the Koi recently got? Would love to have a partner for my Koi.

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Post some pictures lol!!!

I will once I get them :upside_down_face:

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Titanium Sunbird.
Width: 43.78mm
Diamteter: 55.92mm
Gap width: 4.4mm
Axle: M4*8mm
Weight: 64.15g
Colorways: Raw, rainbow, black and copper/purple.
Price: 279.99 USD (raw) 299.99 USD (all other versions).
Worldwide release date: August 26th on yoyoexpert.


Wow, those colourways look amazing! That’s a tough choice

Do you prefer the titanium sunbird or the hummingbird tiss?


I love the rainbow and copper/purple. It’s a very tough decision which one I’ll grab. Is there going to be a reasonable number of these available or are we going to be in a mad rush to grab one of 5?


This run is not really big. Although yoyoexpert did get the most allocation. I am not too sure. :sweat_smile: Hopefully it won’t be gone too fast.


Pure playing wise I’d say tiss hummingbird just a bit as I am a fan of bimetals, but from a practical and playability stand point, Ti sunbird. It’s 2 times cheaper, have the full titanium feel without 2 gaint ss ring hindering it. Also you can spark it :grin:


Sparkling a titanium premium yoyo doesnt seen like a super wise choice. But that could open to a new debate:
Is it possible to manufacture exchangeable Ti rims?
If you happen to have an sprakling urge to spark, you could do it…Just use the sparkling rim for fun and screwing the good one back once finished. Hmmmm…

*Btw, those yoyos look amazing, congratulations!!

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Such a hard choice… Looks like all the colored versions are sandblasted (instead of polished)?

They look sharp!

Are the colors PVD coated? If not a secret. :slight_smile:

Are you going to make a review on this one ?

I’m pretty sure it would be impossible to do that…

I am not sure myself :sweat_smile:

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Nah I give mine to my team member Owen Titus. However you can check out both Dylan and Yoyo Joe’s here.

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Just checked the article. Masking the bearing area while bead blasting the body demonstrates a great care to details! That’s impressive.
Also not mean to complain about these two reviews (they are great)… But I didn’t find them helpful enough to distinguish Ti-Sunbird from other throws… You can describe many of the speed-oriented throws with fast/nimble/powerful/stable/etc but it doesn’t explain what is special with this one.

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We welcome Tomoki Yoyama to team yoyofriends! Tomoki Toyama is a 1A player from Japan that has placed 3rd in 2020 South Japan yoyo contest and Japan national finalists. Together we hope to make a splash in the Japan yoyo scene!


I’ve been playing my ti sunbird today and it’s a really nice throw. I do wish it had a little more rim weight even if it made it heavier. Also my binds still aren’t the most responsive but that could be the bearing or string.