(Yiyang Wang) #1

Hey guys! Yiyang from yoyofriends here! You might know us before from a couple of throws! Recently we went under revamp and now we are firing on all cylinders. Yoyofriends started with a manufacturer called FPM, they make alot of companie’s yoyos. Then they decided to make their own brand yoyofriends, their vision is to bring great yoyo designs combined with great manufacturing, however they can make great yoyos but don’t have great experience to run a team and to promote in the yoyoing community, by sponsoring and attending 2018 WYYC, they realized players are the one who knows about the community, run and promote a brand. This is when players like me stepped in, now yoyofriends is an collaboration between us sponsored players and the manufacturer! Our direction is to create yoyos that will perform in any situation with confidence without losing fun and feel. Yoyos that both meet the the high standards of us yoyo players for contest, everyday play and also the highest quality control from the manufacturer.
Our Instagram page is @yoyofriendss
You can see great content from our players and manufacturer there!
Right now we have 3 yoyos in our lineup.
The yoyofriends hummingbird, a 7068 SS bimetal yoyo utilizing 7068 to the fullest with the thinnest aluminum walls to optimize weight distribution, a very competition oriented yoyo built for any type of stressful tricks.
The yoyofriends magpie, a 7068 monometal yoyo built for the modern tricks with wide catchzone, floatiness and fun feel and incredible speed and performance.
TISS Hummingbird, a technological breakthrough with fully rainbow anodized iredesent effect with the thinnest wall ever at 0.5mm and blue stainless steel rings for the ultimate yoyo.
We just finalized our next yoyo. The raytracer. Coming late January or February. An inner ring bimetal that have almost no drawback with incredible power, stablility, speed and feel.
We hope you enjoy our products! Thanks to yoyoexpert for carrying our yoyos and thanks each and one of you guys for supporting us!



(Yiyang Wang) #3

The raytracer is not completely confirmed, as we want to remeasure it when the actual yoyo is made. But for now it’s around 56.4mm diameter, 45.5mm width, gap width 4.5mm, weight 64.9g on paper. The material will be 7068 with SS rings


Good to see you here.

Looking forward to what lies ahead.

(ClockMonsterLA) #5

Welcome to YYE! I absolutely love the Hummingbird. So much so that I have two (and would love to have more, if only I could score blue, red, and gold ones somehow)!


Really like my hummingbird. Reach for it all the time.

(Yiyang Wang) #7

New hummingbirds colorways are on the way! More details later :grin:

(Yiyang Wang) #8

Since I like yoyoexpert forum so much, here are the unannounced colorways of the hummingbirds! Hope you guys enjoy! We will announce them one by one on our Instagram this week @yoyofriendss . All three colorways will fly to yoyoexpert soon!


That black and blue looks sweet!


Wow. I really like all three of those!

(Ken) #11

Pink one looks pretty good


All three look good. But that gold is outstanding.

(ClockMonsterLA) #13

Wasn’t there a gold Hummingbird in its first run way back when? I don’t think this new colorway is really gold; more like sun-yellow, I’d say.

(Yiyang Wang) #14

We never did gold in the past actually, here is all the hummingbird colors on the previous runs. Black, Teal Green, Gunmetal Grey, Forest Green, Cherry Red, Deep Blue, Deep Pink, Orange/ Purple Fade, Pink with Raw, Gold and Blue rings ( WYYC 2018 special editions), Silver and Ice Blue.
I just realized that A LOT OF COLORS.

(ClockMonsterLA) #15

Hmm. I have two Hummingbirds that aren’t listed there: Burgundy and Dark Plum.

(Yiyang Wang) #16

Oops my bad, burgendy is deep pink, and I forgot the special monthly throw dark plum haha.

(shubham) #17

I have not seen such a beautiful yo-yo in my whole life time. I really like the colours and birds on the yo-yo.good effort

(Yiyang Wang) #18

New colorways coming very very soon on yoyoexpert, including the ultra rare rosegold version that will only be sold on selective retailers.

(ClockMonsterLA) #19

If the following three colors were ever offered, I’d buy all three:

  • Cherry Red (yeah, I know, this would be a re-issue and not technically a “new” color)
  • Electric Blue (ala the blue Sleipnir)
  • Bullion Gold (ala the gold Lust)

(Justin ) #20

How rare is the Rosegold colorway?