(Yiyang Wang) #21

10 A grades.

(Justin ) #22

Oh wow :scream:

(Yiyang Wang) #23

Here it is :grin: Now on yoyoexpert!

(Yiyang Wang) #24

Who is ready?


(Yiyang Wang) #25

Specs for Raytracer
weight: 64.9gram
material: 7068+SS
width: 45.50mm
diameter: 56.29mm
gap: 4.50mm
response pads: 19mm standard
Price: 100 USD
Release date: should be 2/9/2019

(Mk1 Yoyos) #26

Yiyang, this yoyo is your sig, right?

(Yiyang Wang) #27

I wish, haha.

(Yiyang Wang) #28

(Justin ) #29

I bet those images would better with raytracing.


Any splashes or fades planned?

(Joseph) #31

The Raytracer looks like the cognition but better.

(Yiyang Wang) #32

Not currently, but we got anodized rings coming.


These definitely look alot better than the single cut profiles of the proto! Hope it also plays way better!

(Yiyang Wang) #34

Recently yoyofriends player Drake and Owen both competed with the raytracer, and I am super proud on how they did.

Raytracer is now currently 5/6 of our player’s go to comp yoyo :smiley:

P.S yoyofriends budget :thinking::thinking::thinking:

(Yiyang Wang) #35

New video by yoyofriends player Owen Titus with the raytracer. :grinning: