Yoyofriends Magpie

(Yiyang Wang) #1

Hi guys! Yiyang Wang here from team yoyofriends! We are releasing our new 7068 monometal yoyo called magpie! It’s main strength are maneuverability and catchability. We would really love to sell it here soon! We have these colorways for now. The solid red and purple, skyfade and lake acidwash. I also have a one throw challenge with the magpie to showcase the speed and spin time here ----> MAGPIE TESTING!

Thank you guys so much!


Not very impressive to me.

I could do everything you just did there…

It would just take me about 200 attempts and 27 throws.

No big deal🤡

PS… It looks like a Winner👍

(Yiyang Wang) #3

Haha no doubt! Thank you sooo much yoyo doc!

(Mk1 Yoyos) #4

It looks really good!