yoyofactory Whip vibe


My Whip has got some serious vibes and it’s starting to irritate me.
It’s my only throw at the moment since my friction stickers on my Metal Drifter fell off.

If you shake the Whip, you can hear some rattling in the bearing. Does anyone know how I can fix this? I’ve already tried cleaning it and if I deshield it, it gets really responsive.


Only if the bearin is in the whip? I don’t know what to say about the bearing thing that is really weird, if you didn’t actually clean it yet try, but if it doesn’t work contact yye or yyf about it.


Alright, I’ll try emailing YYF.
But yeah, the bearing makes a rattling noise whenever I shake it, even when I take off the Whip.


Yeah, I think you just got a dud.


You can order a Terrapin X Chrome bearing for a decent price. You’ll never need to do anything other than stick it in there.

PM me if you can’t find who to contact. I really like these bearings. While I prefer the Wing Cut bearings, I also have the Chrome X bearings too and they work fantastic.

Alternately, you can order any C-sized bearing from YYE. I recommed from the price of the WHIP(I have a WHIP), just get the YYE C sized bearing for $5.99. It should work great.

There’s also the YYJ bearings:

You can go “original” and get the YYF bearing:

But for the price, you could just get a new Whip.

There’s also other options from YYE, all are good, but they just don’t make sense spending that kind of cash on a $10 yoyo.

My suggestion is the Terrapin X and then the YYE bearing


If chrome is so good, then why does yyj consider the speed bearing an upgrade? Just a question.


My guess is that the regular C bearing is their regular version. The Speed bearing, which is $2 more(I think) might be using stuff with higher tolerances? It makes sense. I like the YYJ Speed Bearings, but I like the Terrapin X better. I don’t plan on replacing ALL my bearings right now, but I’ll just do it here and there, especially on my favorite yoyos.