New yyf whip broken???


Ugh this is so annoying. I bought a new yoyofactory whip on yoyoexpert an I just got it in the mail today. I started using it today and after about an hour, The thing started screeching and started being responsive. What’s going on? This happened to me with my yyj speeder 2 as well


The bearing…


Clean your bearing.


it’s a brand new bearing


the bearing is brand new


The bearing got dirty or something. The yoyo isn’t broken xD. Just replace the bearing, I suggest some kind of 10 Ball Bearing. Every time I make a purchase, I buy an extra bearing, extra pads, and extra string. The bearing is dirty or rusting, so either buy a replacement or clean it.


That doesn’t mean this isn’t a solution.


I doesn’t matter about condition of the bearing. A new bearing has just as many chances as an old bearing to be dirty. There could be multiple causes of the screeching.

1)the bearing could simply need some lube.
2)the bearing could be dirty, but a simple cleaning would solve the problem
3)the third possible situation is that the bearing is just simply breaking in, which in this case, just play with it until the bearing becomes smoother.


i understand that you can clean the beating and everything, but I cleaned my yyj speeder two bearing and right after about an hour it got “dirty” again. Is there any other solution?


How did you clean it? Did you lube it after? Did you deshield it?


sounds like you didn’t add lube after cleaning




It sounds like you didn’t lube it.


I think these guys who have answered have found your solution. Your yoyos aren’t broken, you just need to perform basic bearing maintenance. Clean and lube. You may not even need to clean; try lubing first (although I do recommend a nice cleaning. Do remember to destined first).


Just go through the regular routine. There are a million tutorials. Follow every step, no shortcuts. It’s like putting a model together, skipping the gluing, and asking people why the thing is falling apart. You need to follow every step.




Well, how about quit whining about the bearing being dirty, grab a Center trac, leave the shields on, and it won’t get dirty. Problem solved.


I’ve had both new and old bearings need to be cleaned.

Stuff happens. Clean it out so you can move forward. If that doesn’t work, then maybe you need to replace the bearing.


When my yoyo goes responsive, I usually clean the bearing with like paint thinner or something


I can almost guarantee that its the bearing. Bearing can change fast, like my YYF Boss. Playing fine one second, shrieking like a harpy the second. And believe it can happen to brand new bearings. It did the day I got my Saint Eel. Just replace or clean the bearing.