I just bought a new irony Jpx and in 2 minutes it started to make a screeching sound and it is responsive. It’s got a konkave bearing and the same happened when I got my prodigy. If I just use it will it start playing unresponsive

if you google your symptoms you’ll find a wealth of information. pictures, video clips, and extensive write ups.

I think this is the first sassy post you’ve made that I actually agree with

people not doing their own research made me fear for the future enough. but if that post is now considered sassy i’m going off the grid.

Just clean the bearing and it should stop making weird noises. You should browse the yoyo modification and maintenance section of the forum for more info though.

Eh, it sounded sassy when I first read it. Now it just reads like common sense.

I need more caffeine

Just help him out. Try a different bearing if that works great.

Yep, clean the bearing, there are a lot of tutorials about it.
But this left me wondering since there are just certain people who keep getting gritty bearings even in new yoyos. I’m not talking about a random chance of getting a particularly bad bearing, I think that can happen with pretty much anyone, I’m talking about how certain person seemingly “always” get this sort of exact problem and there is no logical explanation to it. Does certain strings actually make bearings dirty? there are too many mysteries to solve.

You didn’t get anything at all in it like hair?
hair is the most common problem I fixed for people at club meets.
Once hair is in your bearing it isn’t super easy to get out completely. Sometimes it comes out in one piece but normally people throw the yoyo for a bit and melt the hair, and break it apart.
If you have the shields on the bearing the hair can bend this shield, and cause more problems.
Good luck with the bearing, but like most things with yoyo’s you normally have to look at yourself to fix the problem it’s rarely the equipment’s fault.

I bought a new irony jpx and the bearing didn’t work well at all, so I figured I would put in a new bearing and it would be fine right? Wrong. This yoyo seems to break every bearing I put into it minutes after it is in.

people say ds bearings are good, i got 3 borken ones in a row and only managed to fix one
meanwhile all my 7 kk bearings have never failed

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But… really.