YoyoFactory Whip review

fine i have to agree with that last reply. and i9 have to say that you said the whip cant be beat thats why i went with all of what i said i am sorry for ripping you apart but now i understand

I can’t believe we’ve gone on for two pages about whether or not the Whip is a great $10 yoyo. I thought Ted’s review was spot on. I pulled my first Whip out of the box, played it for 15 minutes, then ordered them in every color they came in. Yes, it’s a little light. So practice shorter combos with it. Feel free to practice over concrete. It’s tough, it’s cheap, and it rocks. The Classic is a better $10 beginners yoyo, but like yoyo143 said if you want it unresponsive it’s closer to $25. If you think the Whip is too light and the Surge is too heavy, then the Classic is a great $25 yoyo, but for a $10 out-of-the-box-unresponsive yoyo, IMHO nothing out there right now beats the Whip. (If you’re a One fan, I see your point, we just disagree.) Heck the Ann Connolly edition comes with a $10 Center Trac in it for $10. It’s a free yoyo. You can’t beat that!

It just really annoys me when people say "oh yah, thats a good $20 yoyo. But the blah blah blah is way better. And that blah blah is like $50.

Okay let this conclude the comments lol…the whip is an awesome yoyo. Yay, next up the one star.

the onestar is way better than the whip

Noonars right, the onestar is really good. You should try a protostar after, or a upgraded classic.

Wanna know a good 10 dollar yoyo?