Yoyofactory V.S. CLYW




why can’t we like both?


i LOVE waffles, and picked that one. but in all reality, they are both GREAT!

(LookAYoYo) #4

waffles are winning. if i make a company, it will be waffyo. the first yoyo will have a gridded anno job like a waffle.

(Hardcore_Max) #5

woop woop to waffles

awesome idea love it I’d buy one.


Great idea putting a “Depends on the player” option. I picked that one.
I think it really does depend on the player. If you’re a 2a player, then YYF would be the natural choice, since CLYW doesn’t even make 2a yoyos. Same for 4a.


to think of it like that.

this is not product base, does it?