Me and Pheenix were chatting a bit ago and we got into an argument about which company is better. So vote which u think is better.
Personally I like CLYW better as I don’t like the looks of ILYY for some reason.

(yokaiyo) #2

Don’t judge any yoyo by it’s looks. The IlYY yoyos may look kinda funny but there play
is awsome. Especialy the Wasabi.

keep spinning



I prefer CLYW.


I like both, but the quality of ILYY yos is just amazing. :slight_smile:

(JonasK) #5

Never tried neither of them, but I find that ILYYs look better. Too bad their both such a hassle to get.

Addment: If the Peak Mafia is slowing down the rockets, I would LOVE to get one.


Just like no yo-yo is better then another, no company is better then another.



And YYF pwns them all :smiley:


Glad we agree.


Indeed we do Evan…indeed we do.


Haha, I think YoYoFactory pwns them all too. ;D
But I just like CLYW over ILYY, my preference.


I guess I like CLYW better. All the ILYYs look the same, and Levi does some great stuff with CLYW.
Then again, I’ve never tried an ILYY.


Of there two, I like CLYW.

But I want to try the Magical Lio, it might guide me the waaaaaay.


Looks like CLYW is winning.