yyr comparison to clyw

which company is the best one yyr or clyw

The one you like more.

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I feel like they are two completely different companies, Yyr based on competition, and speed, whe clyw are more flowy and smooth. So it’s more of a preference thing

I prefer YYR.

That is like comparing Ferrari and Lamborghini.

Either. Neither. Both. Depends on my mood really. If you ever find yourself at a Sydney yoyo meet, I’ve got plenty of both that you’re welcome to try.


I would pick clyw on looks, there color way are the best

YYR, no comparison, and with the Yen being so weak you can buy YYRs for less than some CLYWs.

YYR are getting better at splashes…

That rainbow splash attune looks crazy!


I like a world where there are both CLYW and YYR. Each brings a different perspective to the interpretation of yoyo design. I have no desire to choose one over the other.

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YYR is my choice as well.

I feel like I’m driving a Ferrari when I’m throwing a YYR. Precision, high-speed and nothing but the best.

When I’m throwing a CLYW, it feels like I’m in a nice BMW. Stylish and comfortable as well as high end and built to perform well.

Both are fantastic for sure though!