whats better spyy or clyw

in your opinion


both are great companies, different yoyos. anyone who says either is better is a VERY close-minded person. what if someone likes this design and says “OMG DIS IS TEH BEST j0j0 EVAR!!!” the next may go “Ai hate this j0j0. it sux.”

It’s preference in specific YOYOS companies dont matter. It’s all preference and it doesnt matter what one’s opinion is. they are both great. [/thread]

the two companies should hang out…maybe go on a couple of dates…get married and have awesome yoyo babies! SPYY and CLYW yoyo babies! can you imagine the awesomeness!!! ----it’s late…i’m tired… :slight_smile:

Galactic Goose

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Both are amazing and neither is better than the other. You can’t go wrong with either one.

I don’t have any SPYY stuff. I have some CLYW stuff and I really like it.

Neither company is better. It’s all about preferences.

My two favorite throws are the Avalanche and the Addiction. So, there you go :slight_smile:


neither is better. See post above for more info