YoYoFactory Tour! (Tony hawk tour actually but whatever :D)

Wow this looks really cool! I cant make it to the tour but I’ll have money for the tour packs! OHHH cant wait! Props to YYF and YYE for doing this!

What do you guys think? Anybody lucky enough to go?

nah, I live over on the west coast :confused:
but I’m looking froward to see what these packs are about :slight_smile:

How do the prize packs work? Do you pay for it as soon as possible until they are sold out?

i’ll be meeting em up in fayetteville. STOOOOOOOKED.

I think this is awesome! Skateboarding+yoyo in one! I definitely think this will help promote more people to yoyo. Excited for the tour packs but I hope they aren’t too limited… Thanks YYF and YYE!!


Yeah I think thats how it works. First one coming in like 4 hours!

How much will they be? May have to pick one up…

idk. Im guessing that each one will have a different price according to whats inside.

Hmmm. Idk if I should get the one today or wait.

I plan on going in when theyre new York… I’m pumped

I have to wait for a check to come in, and then i’m probably gonna pop for one of those tour packs on YYE. I can’t today. Hopefully before this thing is done I can.

I’m no detective and it could obviously be a mistake. But I just clicked on Yoyofactory in the shop and at the bottom is the tour pack and it has $170 listed as the price. WOW $170? I was thinkin something along the lines of the price of the Black Friday package.

Who knows this could just be a mistake…or not

woah your right! Hopefully its a mistake or YYE is just giving a price to fill the empty space. But if 170$ is the price… :frowning:

Doesn’t appear to be a joke. All I’m saying is I’m not willing to plonk down that much.

I was thinking somewhere in the $70-100 range. But that’s the Day 1 offering price. I’ll just check each day.

GOODNESS!!! I was so pumped for this and then 170$ pops up on my screen and I almost screamed like a girl! If they want better results than stick to 60-100$. There are still 4 in stock ha!

I’m going tomorrow to Tampa… I live in Orlando and just so happen to be going to the Tampa Bay Rays Detroit Tigers game in Tampa on Monday night and then I find out YoYoFactory will be there Monday at 4? Doesn’t get much easier and better than that! I’ll try to get some pictures and post it up for everyone to see.

As for the YoYo Pack I was sitting at the computer at 10PM sharp to purchase it but not that crazy about the deal. Yes it is a great deal but 170 is a little much. I mean I have it and wouldn’t mind the DNA but not so sure about the Monster. Im always a little skeptical about buying anything I haven’t at least thrown once yet to see if I’m going to like it at all. I have my eyes right now on the Jason Lee 888.11 and was hoping that might be apart of this one but it might be a future one so who knows. I think I’m going to pass on this deal and see what else is in store in the next few shows.

yeah, I was pretty disappointed with today’s pack. I waited all day to see what it was, just to see this :confused:
I already have a monster, and I don’t really want a dna. oh well, perhaps other days will bring better packs. and at a cheaper price

How do you like the Monster? I am curious about the DNA from what I’m reading is it the size of a genesis with the feel of an 888? That sounds pretty cool. I think the monster was the deal breaker for me. Just looks weird and have no clue how that would feel or work. Again would be something if I played with it would be a little more likely to buy it.

I’m going to put in my pack request for tomorrow. Jason Lee 888.11 and Super G. $170…SOLD! :slight_smile:

well, it’s a great yoyo, but I just never use it anymore. It’s rewarding on a good throw, but it’s… not so rewarding on a bad one. It’s grinds are fantastic though. and it’s pretty much all catch zone, making it almost impossible to miss an eli hop, and also makes some harder catches much easier.
It’s definitely worth throwing atleast once.

I’m not exactly the best with reviews, so I can’t really describe how it plays very well.

Does anyone know if they will be selling yoyos/ any merchandise at each stop? I’m going to the VA beach stop and I’d really like to know if I could come home with a new yoyo! :slight_smile: