Official YYF Pro Packs Topic UPDATE:GENTRY STEIN PACK $60


I see there is something new called a Pro Prize Pack, what is it? How does it work?


I suppose we’ll find out at 8pm. :wink:

I’m going to guess… it’s a “pack”… featuring “pro” level equipment. Now, your definition of “pro level” might be different from YYF’s. Paul Han has a signature OneStar after all. And he’s a pro.


so are they like the mystery bag/box?


I want to see what they are


They might release the 2.0 cal states edition on this…


I think there will be a sale or discount at 8 and first come first serve until the 28th and probably the yoyos you could get are probably signatures


I think it’s fairly self-evident what “kind” of items they will be… they’re called “pro packs”. Packs featuring signature yoyos. The sale page also has the Champions Collection logo, so I suspect they will be signature throws that are part of that collection. Since the 3rd wave is coming in, probably clearing out the 2nd wave.

Since it’s a “pack”, probably some strings, maybe an extra bearing (Spec X?), and to fit the “pro” theme, extra response pads either red “pro” pads, variety pack, or whatever that player prefers. Add a YYF tool and some stickers, and you have a “pack”!

Not saying that’s exactly what will be there, just that the concept isn’t really a mystery. It’s going to be something like this.

The mystery part will be: “Which player will be featured today?” and if they have multiple signature throws, “Which yoyo is in the pack?” Finally, the REAL reason to tune in is: “What will the price be?” Be interesting to see if 3A packs have two yoyos…!


Takin all the Mystery out out of it :wink:

Ill ‘reveal’ a little more. The packs are based on yoyoS, not accessories and the REAL reason is the REAL reason with some deals to be had.

(laxdude99) #9

The packs are based on players ex, a tyler severance pack that could include a nova or supernova and severe or a harold owens pack including a HOT and a catalyst or something like that


I hope the servers don’t crash again.


May god help us all.


And I hope the harold owens one isn’t till I get back from vacation or my dad will give me his credit card # I really want a H.O.T. I just now realized that stands for Harold owens the third!





It would be a lot cooler if it was named HOTH :wink: elbow nudge, you get it? eh eh?


I should be taun…taun…ting… you for that one…

(bah, I tried!)


Aha you guys are good.

You force me to laugh.

Oh gawd that was terrible. My joke I mean.


Yes!! No server crashes,
Please please please Lord!


Wow, a server crash everyday at 8 shudders


Hey Ben could you tell us whether this “pack” will be over or under $100?


Just wait 3 hours and 43 minutes and you’ll find out :wink: