yoyofactory skyline vs yoyofactory genesis vs yoyofactory superstar

guys i want a good grinding yoyo but my main goal is complicated string trick capability and if you have any other yoyo suggestion tell me. Any answer is greaatly appreciated.

Well you have basically asked this question a number of times. There is no best yoyo for everyone or everything! You have to find what’s best for you and your style of play. Nobody can do that for you. I think before learning complicated string tricks you should learn to make a decision. Why don’t you trust yourself? Who knows you better?


For every person that likes a yo someone will prefer another. At some point you just have to take the plunge, take the chance and trust your own research and yourself. Take the plunge! You won’t drown someone will take it off your hands if you get in over your head. Good luck!

Like Skirtz said, their is no best yoyo. And you don’t have to make a new thread everyday about the same thing. People will respond, just give them time. Just bump the thread if need be. Good luck choosing though. :slight_smile: