Some advice?

Hey, new here but I’ve been needing a new yoyo that can handle more advanced string tricks. So far I’ve been with my old fireball for a few mOnths :stuck_out_tongue: I know it’s not even close to the best, but Im a high school student and unemployed :stuck_out_tongue: but I modded it so I could get through most intermediate tricks which made me happy. Well the thing is I happened to come across a sum of birthday cash and want to get a good solid yoyo that will last a long time and would take me through more advanced tricks, and I have been looking around and one that caught my eye was the Yoyofactory Rockstar 2012. I know people will probably say I should start with a cheaper one but I don’t generally have money so I thought maybe get a good solid investment right? Well can anyone tell me if I’m making a good choice, I really plan to use it a heck of a lot. Any input is welcome :slight_smile:

Can you bind? Are you aware of Unresponsive play?

If the answers to both of these are yes, the Rockstar is an amazing throw. If i were you i would get a OneDrop throw. Burnside would be the absolute best choice for your money IMO. It’s about the same price as the Rockstar also, but plays WAY better IMO. I would also suggest buying some string in bulk with your purchase as well. Kitty string is cheaper than the “high quality string” and plays just as good. 100 pack of normal kitty string should last you a while. If your heart is set on the Rockstar, go for it, It’s a awesome throw, but if you are willing to change options, the Burnside is where it’s at. :wink:

Sweet, I shall definitelly look at that one, there are just so many to choose from that it’s hard to look at them all :stuck_out_tongue: thanks

I actualy prefer the rockstar over the burnside, so its all preference. I say if you can bind then go for it but if you can’t bind I would go for something like a dark magic so you can go from responsive to unresponsive with one yoyo.

Oh btw I am aware of binding and unresponsive play, just haven’t had to very much as of yet, but I would be fine with all of that, no issues

Dv888 is also nice. But it depends how quality of a yoyo you want to get

DM2 will get you through the transition from responsive to unresponsive play while leaving you with some cash to invest into a newer yoyo down the road

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If you wanted to get a good player and have some cash leftover you could look into the Duncans. Raptor, Echo and Metropolis are all good yoyos for a decent price. I haven’t played a rockstar yet but i know that the protostar is kinda like a baby brother of it and its a champ. Although $5 more gets you a raptor which plays better than the proto imo.

The Duncan Echo is a superb yoyo. Great price and capable of anything anyone throws at it. Sad thing is there are very few yoyo’s out there that won’t make you happy. Most of them are great yoyos and worthy of a new thrower. Spend your money on any yoyo other than a popstar or a flea. Also the bst is a good way to buy more yoyo’s if you are interested in used throws.

You should also take a look at the 2012 Supernova. Seriously, probably the best yoyo in the <100$ price range. I think it’s even better than most yoyos in the 100$< price range.

Di Base’s are epic for an amazing price. You may want to look at the Yeah 3 to, Daxrun says His outplays all his CLYW.

Best thing to really do is find a group that meets up in your area. 99% of people at meets will let you play with just about anything in their case. Try out some yoyo’s and decide what you want. This way you aren’t buying blindly.

Yep. Without any doubt, this is one of the best things you can do.

When I go to meets, I take my collection with me. I get tired of asking if I’m selling or trading(as it’s no on both questions), but I’ll let anyone try anything in my cases. I already spent the money, I already got the yoyo, now it’s sharing time!

This is all amazing help just that I can’t find any group where I am, I live in a small town called Lindsay about 2hours from Toronto so it’s hard to get my hands on all these to try, does anyone know of anything nearby? Also my budget is 95$ :stuck_out_tongue:

I know that ch3ckm4rk is in Toronto, I think he was trying to put something together last year. Try contacting him too see if they started a meet our something.

Yes having a group is hands down the best thing for trying out yoyos. Im fortunate cause one guy in our group is a bst junky. Ive got to try almost every major brand/model. Well not quite but close :wink: Hope to try more this weekend, so bring your stuff nivo!! Lol ;D

I know this may be a dumb question but I’ve never been to an actual yoyo shop or anything but do they let you walk in and try all of them?

It depends on the store, some of them will let you but some won’t. If there is a place near you that sells yoyos ask, the worst they can say is no.

. Thanks a lot in seriously considering this one too :slight_smile: Along with some others that have been recommended. I kinda like the look of the supernova best :stuck_out_tongue: I know that isn’t a huge factor but hey I they are all good I figure I should get a cool looking one :wink: