decently new yoyoer looking for some new tricks


Hey guys I’m a newish yoyoer needing some more tricks just wanted your insight. The hardest trick I know is Skin the gerbil. I use a yoyo jam vexed and stock string. Am also wondering what better high quality yoyo i should get. It would be awesome to hear your feedback. ;D


First off, ditch that stock string for poly, it will probably snap soon. I’d reccomend learning more tricks from YYE before going elsewhere, because those are mostly for experienced yoyoers. A nice step up from the Vexed would be a Genesis, while I don’t own one currently, I’ve tried one and they are very good for the price.


After you learn all the tricks from yye :wink: go to
Learn the tricks here first!


Sorry guys I meant I’m using stock YYE polyester just not brands like toxic strings or G string. Thanks for the feedback


Some of the coolest tricks in my opinion are simple ones. Lacerations, suicides, slacks, etc. there are several that you will learn on here, but most of them are in the advanced section. Also, one thing I like the do is for every few tricks I learn, I spend a while (like a week to a month) on just getting those tricks fluent and consistent.


First of all, what type of “style” do you have? Not like 1A, 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A; but like big tricks or small string maneuvers? This would be a good question to ask yourself before you buy a more expensive yoyo.
I suggest a Starlite to get started. That’s good for any style.


Thanks for the feedback I like small string maneuver tricks.


You could do just fine with the vexed. If you’re looking for a step up, the Werrd Irony JP is an absolute beast. As for tricks, just watch some yoyo videos, find something you like the look of that also looks like it could be within or just slightly out of your current ability and learn that.



The only way to advance is to push current boundaries, but only push what you can carry.
This site has a good trick set up for learning until you da’ yoyo-master. as for a step up yo-yo starlite, irony, genesis all good but depends on preference.


Thanks I’m gonna learn everything here then move on. I already know a couple more advanced tricks like bear attack and branding variation repeater

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Here are a few more tricks if you are interested


Just go through the tricks on YYE and you will learn a lot of cool ones.

Here’s a trick that I found the other day that looks nice, is simple, but looks complicated:


I learned that not to long ago. It’s sweet as a filler trick. It’s really simply too. Learned it in 5 minutes.


I suggest looking at Hiroyuki Suzuki tutorials, like this one:


Hey I would recomend getting new string and a cheap but good quality yoyo like the hour


K thanks guys