help, new yoyo

guys i want to plan a new yoyo i have owned many yoyojam and yoyofactory and i want to know what is kind of the world’s best yoyo used for really really really complicated string tricks.

It’s more YOU than the yoyo.

But, I know Jensen Kimmitt won Worlds 2010 using a YYF Northstar. Mickey used his signature yoyo for his various championships, but I don’t know which yoyo went with what titles, but even so, he has a new signature model, the Speeder 2. Don’t know what the 2011 1A champion used for his performance. I also know other affordable YYJ and YYF models have been used to claim many titles.

There is no “best” that we can all point our finger at and say “yes, that is the best yoyo”. What we can do is say what we like and what is best for us as an individual. There’s no problem with a $35 Protostar being the ideal yoyo for a player, or a $115 CLYW-brand yoyo.

But what are you really getting at? Are you planning to design a yoyo or buy a yoyo?

plan a yoyo??

If your asking “buy a yoyo” then I would say there really isnt a “worlds best”. Yoyofactory has many champions so some might argue they have the “worlds best”.

But SPYY, One Drop, and CLYW make some fine yoyos for string tricks.


But to actually be helpful, Caribou Lodge Yoyo Works makes consistently amazing yoyos. They can do anything and are super smooth.

Well this is a very broad question. Before we can even begin to help you, you need to tell us about your style in alot of detail, and what size of yoyo you prefer and what your price range it. There is no “best yoyo”. There are only yoyos that suit your style and prefrences the best.

If I were to recomend companies for competition grade yoyos then they would be YYF, CLYW, and SPYY. All of those are great companies that have competiton ready yoyos.

turning point positron a little bit high priced but every cent is worth it. it has excellent aerodynamics for horizontal play and the shape gives excellent spin times and it shreds any combo out there its also beadblasted for grinding and its EXTREMELY SMOOTH definetly my favorite hers a vid if you want

marcus koh used positron for his 2011 wyyc winning performance right??
i dont have a single yoyo over 65 bucks, yuuksta, superwide, new breed, jk, antipode, starlite.
tbh im a pretty advanced player im well moved on from the yye trick lists. so u see u dont need expensive yoyos. nova, yuuksta, g funk, oscillatrix, all 60 ish dollar yoyos that do absolutely amazing.

yeah he did. but i just like trying new things ill definatly buy any yoyo about any price but i just dont really like yoyos that are smaller i prefer ones that are are larger or interesting like a phenom positron karma luxe ltd and other yoyos that can shred or do horizontal but i never really could do horizontal with any sixty dollar yoyos but i tryed the gfunk i can do horizontal on it just like the others so if your looking for a lower price try the gfunk

hey phenomizm is 66 and it shreds horizontal like the phenom