Yoyofactory MVP, a good choice?

I’m looking for a yoyo & my budget is about $50.00. I already have a Yomega Glide, so I don’t want another yoyo that’s as heavy & dense feeling. I’m looking for a metal throw that’s light & will handle speed well. My skill level is intermediate.

I’ve seen the new YYF MVP3 & it looks pretty sweet, but I haven’t seen to many reviews, & there aren’t too many because of how new the yoyo is. Should I get it? Any better choices out there? Thank you very much.


I haven’t tried the MVP personally, but I do have to say that Genesis might be a better bet based off what I know about it.


I’ve also been considering the shutter

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Can’t go wrong with shutter. I have wide angle shutter and still play it.


I don know, that new genesis 2 looks super duper good


Kind of wierd, get something like the ND or Parser, or if you get a little more money you can get the Topyo Raiser which is awesome.


I appreciate the recommendations & will definitely consider them, I still find myself drawn to the MPV though due to its unusual charm. Have any of you used it? Also, when you guys say the YYF Genesis, do you mean the one on yoyoexpert?

Although I dont have the MVP 3, I have tried it. It plays light and fast with plenty of spin time. It feels unique and different. It’s a great yoyo


I have 1st version and 2nd version but old one is better in quality and performance. yyf made high-quality yoyos in USA until 2010.

That’s the one I meant :slight_smile:

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I would definitely suggest a Shutter. It was one of my first metal throws and I still throw it more than any other I own. Just an all around great yoyo for an extremely reasonable price. Also gives you the chance to get about any color you could want.


Based on your desire for ‘light’ and ‘handling speed’ - I actually think you would totally dig the MVP3 - I really have enjoyed how it throws - its a great balance of extreme rim weight with agility.

You might also check out the ND if you like the GLIDE - I think it has some similar qualities while feeling more ‘light’ overall thanks to the way the weight is placed. It plays fast and nimble and binds really nicely. The new colors and finishes that came in are also really on point!

Shutter Wide Angle is also one of my current favorites. It is a little heavier but really powerful and I think handles speed well. (It is $55 but ships free for what its worth since its over $50!) :wink:


Ko’olau Edge.


I have it. It’s kinda weird, when I first got it was floaty and now after a few months it feels heavy and powerful. It might be because of the other yo-yos I was comparing it to that my opinion changed. A lot of people say it’s fast and powerful though.


Being a huge Paul Kernel can right when it dropped I had to get it but I remember it was the most expensive or close to that. over $100 for sure.

So a few months later someone was selling over 30 yoyos “buy get 1 half off” So for $75 I got a half red half gold MVP1 and a weird Grey 080808 non an odized but all the laser markings from all the 07 888s and some 08s too.

It was Small Bearing, had dice stacks, a nd used old school Black Kentaro Pads, gl finding those now lol. I have it to my gf, well my recent ex. It was like 73grams where the other 09s were 76grams.

Remember those shiny 888s they sold out so fast a every engraving like red orange well Japan had a Black one that was small bearing. This one was coated but not anod ized. Never seen one like it before. And for $32.50.

Okay sorry the MVP1. It was very very fast spinning but hurt your hands, and if it bit the string watch the he’ll out!!!

That sucker slum forever though, great for learning and trying sideways tricks. The glassy finish I wasn’t a fan of.

MVP2: I had the 6061 version so that’s why it felt lighter but set not even close to as solid as the 1. Mine was Black w purple splash (traded the mvp2 for an iPod which I have to my ex again grrr) This MVP2 had more damage so I brought it with me quite a bit more.

If I remember right MVP1: $94.99

MVP2 6061 ($89.99 ?)
MVP2 6061 Splash ( $97.99)
MVP2 7075 ($109.99)
MVP2 7075 Splash ($114.99)
Also special Editions I remember
MVP2 7075 Paul Kerb el Cherry Edition (125 or 130)

Idk was too airy for me and prices dropped fairly fast I think I traded a Blue Shutter w a couple d marks for that MVP2. So th e retail price of them cut in half

MVP3 at its price point I wanna try but still I a m a cheapass. Even though it’s half price I still will probably save up and trade hopefully a $50 throw for an mvp3 and horizon

Any takers I got an alien galaxy shutter?? Haha

I’ll give you a 2013 Benchmark H (has 1 deep song be careful please!) Spike Side effects. + a YUK Classic both w $10-15 bearings

Option B

2013 Prototype Czhm84vk great throw iitz Pink who cares. And I’ll give you a go-to that retails $47.99 forgot the brand but a great throw a bit smaller.
YYF Avant Garde 2: Custo m powder coated White, a small but if vibe at end of spins if you look for it but served me great.


One drop Rally totally mint white w blue rings that is over $50 w shipping anyways . That plus YYJ Classic which I can do everything I can do on other yoyos. Rally will have a 10 ball like it should classic again w a KK.

Okay fine last offer…

It’s got scratches on it but very smooth.

One Drop Code 2: Half Purple Half Yellow, I’ll put a Center Trac in it. I think you will be happy with it, maybe a tiny fingernail vibe but this is what you want if you want to take with you.

Spike Side Effects: 3.2grams added
Brass Dome Side Effects; 6.5 grams added.

The Brass Dome to my knowledge aren’t made anymore. So if you want the brass it will be $60 instead of $50. Sp like no problem $50.

So I don’t do PayPal we will have to work out s mth and I use my own supplies to pack but the shipping will be on your end.

No reply you send first bank accounts are safe but don’t significantly don’t feel safe.

Also whatever you choose goodluck.

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