Genesis, Superstar, Supernova, 888x, or Ag2?

I have been throwing a yyf Northstar for a while and i think that it’s time to get me a metal throw.

price range does not play a factor nor does the stupid hubstacks. I just want the best playing yoyo for my preferances.

i’m looking for the yoyo that has the best balance of stability, spin time, and how fast it plays. something that doesn’t lean as you do tricks, something that glides through tricks fast and smooth like butter, good for grinds, and easy to land string tricks.

if any of you have any of these yoyo’s, your insight and opinion would help a lot. thanks :slight_smile:

I’d recommend the Genesis. It seems to fit your needs exactly.

Though I’ve never tried an AG2…

yeah i was really considering the genesis but i wanted to see what the other yoyos offered that the genesis didn’t before i actually bought it.

I completely agree with xXYoYo888Xx.
I highly recommend the Genesis over the others, but I can’t put I over the Avant Gardne 2, because I have never tried one before.
Although the Genesis greatly fulfills all of your wants and I am sure the Avant Gardne 2 does as well, but I think you should also consider the MVP 2. The first MVP exceeds what you are looking for and the MVP 2 is a superior version, even though I have not tried one, I know I won’t be disappointed when if do.

Of your list, I only have experience with the Superstar. I have one now as well.

It’s a great yoyo, and it’s got that familiar shape of your Northstar, with stacks, which aren’t really needed.

I find the best way to cure lean is to learn to land the tricks better.

I am also looking towards getting a Genesis down the road. No interest in the SuperNova and 888x. I’m also not interested in the AG at the moment either, but that may change after I play one.