What Should My Next Throw Be?

Alright guys, I’m really ready to take my yoyoing to the next level. I’ve been yoyoing for about 9 months, and my main throw right now is my Northstar. It’s good, but I want a high-end metal. I also have a Protostar, PGM, and DM2. I’m also looking under $100. I’m considering: PHENOMizm, Genesis, Super G, Catalyst, DV888, Yuuksta, and Y-Factor. I have a fast style, but I don’t like floaty yoyos. I’ve read reviews, but I can’t decide. I want my first high-end metal to be a good one. I’m only buying one right now, but I will be able to get another one in a couple months. Can you guys please help me? Thanks.

Sounds like you’ll be wanting a full size throw.

The Genesis, Catalyst, and Super G are all great choices.

Though I’ve only played with the Genesis out of those three. You can’t go wrong with a Genesis :smiley: Plus you can get one pretty cheap on the BST.

And a Phenomizm is a bi-metal.

Either the Catalyst or Super G. I would suggest other brands though ::slight_smile:

I was in the same situation with a north star and a dm 1. I decided on the genesis over the super g and that was a great decision. I know you don’t like floaty the genesis floats a little with out the stacks. It plays similar to the yuuksta but it is full sized. It floats less with out the stacks. It is super fast and is the best yoyo I’ve ever played with. The regular colors are 85$ and the splash editions are 92$. I got the silver with blue splash and it looks amazing. It looks more silver than on the picture just to warn you. Its a great throw you should highly consider it.