Which high-end metal?

I’m ready for a high end metal now, but which should I get? I’m looking at Genisis, supernova, and superstar right now.

BTW my style is constantly changing, so it doesnt matter about the fast or slowness of the yoyo. However, I like throws that have a little weight. Nothing too light.

All three of them have different shapes, so you might want to think about what shape you prefer. The Superstar has a sharp shape that angles out from the center, the SuperNova has a shape like the Protostar, while the Genesis has more of a rounded shape to it.

I can only speak for myself based on those models. I’ve played the Superstar and I really liked it and am aiming to get one of the US-made ones. Not sure when I’m gonna spring for it, but it’s way up there on my wants list.

The other two I haven’t played so I cannot comment in any intelligent manner on them. The Genesis + is also on my wants list, but it’s towards the bottom of the list. Maybe if I play one it might move up the list or off the list, who knows! The Supernova isn’t on my list, as it is just not a model I’m interested in. Maybe if I play one that could change.

The good thing is you have some models in your sights, so that means you also have budget in mind. My suggestion now is to try to find some way to play these models as well as other models not on your list but perhaps in your budget. You might now really want to see if there are any clubs, teams, meets or contests in your area. Often, people will let you try their stuff out. For example, at my meets, my case is pretty much open to anyone who wants to try. It’s difficult for me to explain to people who are new why they can’t try most of my yoyos though. I also go to a nearby yoyo tutorial themed meet called YoLex at a place that specializes in educational toys(and carries skill toys), where many people are drooling over my collection and getting a chance to try a lot of high-end stuff, such as CLYW, One Drop, General Yo and many others. As I’m not selling or trading, there’s no obligation to do anything other than try it and see if one likes stuff.

They are all great yoyos, but if you are looking for stacks, don’t get the Genesis+. The Genesis+ (In my opinion) brings shame to the Genesis name. Now, a regular Genesis is a great throw that I strongly reccomend.