yoyofactory Loop 360

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So can anyone give a review of loop 360 …
Things I want to know…
1st is it good for beginner’s for looping…
2nd can we do advance tricks with it like if we do beginner tricks on it can we go an advance level without buying another looping yoyo…
3rd is it value for money do you recommend it…:slight_smile::slight_smile::+1::+1:


I like it. Value? It’s only $8!


Get a Loop 808 instead. It’s much better and not much more expensive.


Hey Live, aren’t they the same? I have both and I don’t see much difference in them.


The 808 is basically a 360 and is sold as a 360. I have two 808’s but have yet to learn how to make my left hand work. Using my right hand, I can do the tricks as well as I can on any other similar and/or more expensive looping yoyo’s. This is not to say I am good at it but at $8 it a good value and I am glad I have them.

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So can you guys give me reviews of both yoyos