Loop 360? Or add 4$ for 808?

Is it worth the extra 4$ to get a loop 808 instead of a loop 360? What are the differences? Also, can you silicone looping yoyos when the response wears out? Can you silicone both the 360 and 808?

I’m not sure if you can silicone a loop 360 or 808, but I know you don’t want to.
The response is not supposed to be recessed and if you were to silicone it it wouldn’t play consistently responsive, meaning your loops would be horrible.

Oh. Ok. Thanks.

In general for looping starburst is considered better than silicon

They are the same thing you know.

The 808 is just a special edition.

No i dont think that that is true. I know that they have different specs.

The specs are really not too different. They are very slightly different.

They will perform exactly the same.

Ok thanks ill probably just get the 360. Unless anyone else has anything to say about them?

I found performance to be extremely similar, but perhaps my opinion should be taken with a grain of salt-- I’m not too good at 2A,or looping in general.

Actually, I use one duncan sili sticker in my raiders.
Works well for me.

Maybe this will help you: http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php?topic=63720.0

Oooh now i think that i should spend the extra 4 dollars.

I have a 360 and mine came perfectly parallel, so that reported issue was probably a manufacturing problem.

Well now idk if i should soend the extra 4 dollars!

The 360 is an awesome yoyo, you won’t regret it if you buy it.

Ok. Idk. I will probably get a 360 then.

That was 360 on top and 808 on bottom by the way.

The loop 360 is good for beginners but can’t get you as far into looping as the loop 808 can. The loop 808 is great for both beginner and expert looping. Pretty much the only thing the loop 808 can’t do is horizontal looping but the loop 900s and loop 1080s can and you can upgrade to those whenever you want or need to.

Well, if you are a beginner in looping, maybe you should start with the Loop 360, and later, if you’re getting more skills, you’ll probably want to upgrade to something better and more adjustable than the Loop 360. If not, it was money well spent to try the looping skills.

Recently I ordered a couple Loop 360 because they are available in black (love black yoyos). I’m curious about the shape and the response system, my first looping experience was with a Firedog and later a Loop 900. Honestly, I believe the Loop 900 should be better (for me), but I would certainly buy the Loop 360 back then if it was already available. 8)

360… the 808 might be VERY SLIGHTLY better but whatever. then again… it’s only $4 more so :stuck_out_tongue:

Or maybe you should save up a little for an Unleashed or loop 900(haven’t tried 1080 so not gonna comment on that), they are beastly loopers. Modding some Yomega raiders make some amazing loopers too, I even prefer the modded raiders over the unleashed.

And you don’t want to silicone your loopers. Silicone is a less “responsive” response, if that makes sense xD

Silicone=unresponsive, starburst=responsive