YoYoFactory Hiroyuki x YYF Collab- Equilateral

My 2nd review:
      YYE Description:
The rivalry between Hiroyuki Suzuki and the YoYofactory Contest Team at the World YoYo Championships is Hollywood level epic. Between the 2005 and 2010 YoYoFactory Contest Team players and Hiroyuki shared the top 2 placings 5 times. The winner was always Yo-Yo and the rivalry became friendship.

The Champions Collection provided the perfect platform to pay homage to this period of history. The Equilateral is designed in collaboration between YoYoFactory and Hiroyuki with aspects he would look for in a freestyle yo-yo.

This is one Yo-Yo you just can’t put down. It is competition ready, spins like a truck, and comes back to your hand with a thud even after the longest combos you throw at it! Get it while you can. Champions Collection is a limited one time run.In StockYYF_CCEQUI-2Red
      As a huge fan of Hiroyuki Suzuki and Yoyofactory, this yoyo seemed perfect for me. Also, as a world champion, you know hiroyuki would make it a great throw.
          Released back in 2012 In the YFF Champions Collection series, It has been out for awhile, but (IMO) has just started to circulate among yoyo players, due to it being a part of the 2013 YYF Mystery Box
Originally, it was $110 which to many seemed like a pretty hefty price for the throw. Honestly, I wouldnt have felt at a huge loss buying it full price, as it came with a bunch of bonus goodies:
-The Equilateral

  • A CT Installed (8 ball)
    -A Bonus Spec bearing
    -YYF Multi Tool
    -Extra Response Pads
    -Blue/black/white string
    And now, to the critique:
    Diameter:56.45 mm / 2.13 inches
    Width:46.15 mm / 1.81 inches
    Weight:66.2 grams
    Bearing Size:Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)
    Large Center Trac Bearing
    Response:CBC “Slim Pad” Size 19mm OD
    Material Type:6061 Aluminum

Looks: Hiroyuki has been known to add mirror caps to many of his signature throws(Phenom,Meteor,etc.) and has made that addition to The Equilateral aswell. Although shrunk, they still look amazing, and gives access to thumb grinds. (Note: Mirror caps come with protective “film” which can be removed to really make it mirror-reflective, at the risk of scratches on it)
        It come sin 2 colors, Red and Acid Wash: silver and Black. I got mine in silver and black and when it spins, it looks silver with a faint black shade to it. In conclusion, it look Great :slight_smile:

Playbility: Stable. Fast. Thats How i would describe it in 2 words. At 66 grams, it is at the border of heavy and medium weight, but to me plays fairly light.
        I’ve seen many comments, complaining about its size and width. I Honestly see no problem with it. I own a DM2 And shutter (Comparison near the end) and dont feel a dramatic width difference during play :confused: Of course, complicated string tricks that require precise string hops aren’t its strong point, but with practice, you could pull them off with just a tad more effort.
        I Love doing tricks like the Eli Hops or The Boingy-Boing with the equilateral. The extra width definitely makes it easier to land them, which makes it a pretty fun throw.
        Grinds aren’t GREAT with the equilateral, but can be pulled off. I Can do decent arm and finger grinds because of the aluminum’s texture. Thumb Grinds can also be done as it  has a IRG, but in my opinion aren’t as smooth as thumb grinds on the DM2 and Shutter
        This yoyo is AWESOME for horizontal. the extra width adds more stability for horizontal play, and there isn’t much string friction with the side of the yoyo at all, so expect long spin times, and great response.
Personal Rating: 10/10, Cant really ask for more, crushed my expectations.
Bad PArts: Can’t Really think of any :confused:

Bonus Comparisons to:
Shutter is a better grinder, and can do finger spins. It Feels a little more stable, but definitely has more heft to it.
Both are really good for horizontal, but If i had to choose, i would pick the equilateral, as it fits my play preferences better.

DM2 is… less expensive? It is better for starters, and can thumb grind better in my opinions
My DM2 has more sentimental value (My first non-responsive) so… I guess it beats the equilateral in
that area too xD

YYE Link: http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/757/YYF-Equilateral---Champions-Collection

A video of 1a Demo Feat. Hiroyuki Himself: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lhHrd46gp6k
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lhHrd46gp6k. ( For Mobile)
Hope This Helps!

How does it compare to the Genesis?