Review : YoYoFactory Equilateral-Champions Collection Wave 1

YoyoFactory Equilateral

General Information:
*Part of YYF Champions Collection Wave 1, and the most expensive so far.
*Hiroyuki Suzuki Signature Yo-Yo
*Price = US$110 including accessories below
*Comes with:
-Centre Trac Bearing in it (US$ 11)
-1 Extra Size C Flat Bearing (US$8)
-1 YYF Black Multi Tool (US$6)
-1 Pair of CBC Slim Pad 19mm White Pads (US$2.20)
-1 Piece of 100% Polyester Blue/White String
-User guide

The Equilateral’s Specifications
*Weight - 66.2grams
*Diameter - 56mm / 2.2 inches
*Width - 46mm / 1.81 inches
*Bearing Size - Size C (Large)
*Response system - CBC Slim Pad 19mm
*Material - 6061 Aluminium (Full Metal)
*Colors - Red or Silver with Black Acid Splash

Good and Bad
*Good :
-Long Spin (Enough to do 2 Rotations Gyroscopic Flop comfortably with a normal throw ; spins like a truck)
-Thumb Grinding (The shape of the Rims makes it easy to place your Thumb there and the Aluminium is very Smooth)
-Grinding (The Aluminium causes low Friction between your arm and the Equilateral, allowing Long and Smooth Arm Grinds, but your Grind must be done well)
-Strong Response (Even when its spin is low at the end of a trick/combo, it still binds back well ; comes back to your hand with a thud even after your longest combos)

*Bad :
-Too much Response (Sometimes the yo-yo might grab the string and come back fast and hard ; during times when more string is on the gap)

Author’s Comments (Based on my Experience with my 1 Equilateral)
*Mirror Caps on the Inside come with a Protective Cover ; To keep it mint, don’t peel them off. And to Show Off, let it Shine!
*It may be difficult to open the Equilateral when you first get it. Don’t worry, just play around with it for sometime (1-2 hours) and it will probably be fine.
*Tricks like Eli Hops and Jade Whip become a lot easier to land, especially Eli Hops.
*An Incredible Yo-Yo, if you are looking to progress from Plastic to Full Metal, it is Excellent Choice.

That’s is it for my Review! I hope that it benefits you A LOT. :slight_smile:
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Nice review!

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Great review!

About the response, maybe you can change the pads. You can try the red ones for example. 8)

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