Yyf equilateral


Somebody is selling a yoyofactory equilateral for $30 and I wanted to know if it is worth it or should I go ahead and buy a one drop benchmark H in the dragons den color for $45


I’ve been wanting to buy that too xD


I prefer the benchmark H, but they are completely different

(J△NW△LF W△LF) #4

It’s a 100$ yoyo, and people are selling it for 30$. Why would it be good?

(DOGS) #5

It was also in the mystery box, which is YYF’s equivalent of getting rid of the trash.


It didn’t sell well. The gimmicky mirror thing? The super round and hollow shape? These are things that are kinda cool in my eyes but did NOT bring motivated buyers.

That doesn’t mean it’s trash. It means it was the wrong yoyo for production in major volumes.

I would get an Equilateral for $30 for sure.


For $30 I’d say it’s worth taking a chance on the Equilateral if you’re curious about it. At worst, if you don’t like it you can sell it to somebody else for $30 because I don’t think the market price would dip any lower than that.

In short: go for it.



I have to agree that the stacked Genesis, Shaqlerstar, Protostar, and Equilateral are all very nice throws, and all featured in mystery box history. I like them all. Despite appearing in the mystery box, the Protostar was made again, the Northstar (same as Shaqlerstar) was made again, and the Genesis was made in another version. I bought a few of them this week. The Equilateral was made with a player who has gone on to do other projects. It might be more accurate to say that these models were moved out to make room for new stuff, new colors, new versions, or just newer models from their company. Out with the old, in with the new, and that’s just business. I got a great deal on a car a few years ago because it was an “older body style.” I bought a 2012 car in 2012 and that’s what they wanted to call it and push it out the door. That’s just business. :-\

That Equilateral plays very nice actually, and it is worth every bit of that $30 and then some. Make sure you get lots of photos, and inquire about the condition of the bearing/response, whether it’s worn, stock or whatever. That’s the most important thing.


I love mine! It feels great in the hand and spins a long time. It is always in my top eight case.


I got mine in last years mystery box which is the only way I would have ever gotten it since I can not afford more than about $50 for a yoyo.
That said I am so happy I have the Equilateral because it has become one of my favorite yoyo’s.

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I really like the Equilateral for counterweight. Like, a LOT. I was performing with them for a while before I killed both of mine. (High aerials + concrete)

For $30 it’s a no-brainer. Get it!


Steve said it himself man