Equilateral review, anyone?


Hey, I was wondering what everyone thought about the Equilateral, because I am thinking about getting one. If you could please post a review, that would be great.


Not a full review.

I ended up with the red one. This isn’t my color, but the other one I didn’t care for, so I’m pleased with the red.

A little background about what I have. YYF isn’t one of my favorite brands, and I’m almost done with them as a company due to the fact that I pretty much have everything I want from them. Please note that doesn’t mean I dislike YYF, that’s not the case at all. I like my YYF yoyos. Metals include the Mutant DNA, MVP, SuperStar and dv888 as my metals from that brand. I really like all of these a lot. My preferences also lean towards the heavy and V-shapes.

The V-shape of the Phenom is very agreeable to me, but that’s not the trend right now, more of a 2-angle V is more the trend, or a more rounded V.

The Equilateral will simply blow you away. The shape is one that I have good results with. I have to compare it with the Anglam due to the overall shape. Performance is simply amazing as well. It is less expensive than some of my other YYF metals, yet for me, the play is just absolutely spot on, right what I want and the way I want it. This is definitely my favorite YYF metal, no question about it. While I still like the Anglam better, the Equilateral is probably one of the best YYF metals to date, period.

YYF is making a mistake if they are doing this as a limited run. This is a serious 1A competition performer. This will sell and sell very well. That’s the only negative about this: it may be a very limited run.

Comparing this to the Anglam, this has a bit more width, so a more generous catch zone. As far as this yoyo itself is concerned, it’s smooth on the string, stable, feels good and moves good at any speed and easily handles being pushed fast and horizontal play. It also can grind pretty darn good as well at least in regards to arm grinds and stuff like that.

It comes with a spare flat bearing but a CBC CenterTrac installed. I feel this yoyo would benefit from a Trifecta or a KK, but I don’t have either to swap into that. Either way, you don’t want a flat bearing in this yoyo, so that’s good it has a centertrac installed. I found the flat bearing to be garbage and no amount of cleaning would make it perform decently so I put in my “bad bearing” baggie. This isn’t a knock on YYF, and since I don’t intend to use that bearing anyways, then honestly who cares.

If you’re into V-type shapes, this is gonna make you very happy. I was very much pleased by this yoyo.


Feel like picking one up ! Studio24 , how u feel about Super G ???


I don’t have one.

To see what I do have:


I played a SuperG. I personally didn’t care for it. I’m not saying anything negative about it, I just didn’t care for it.


Oh my everything, how do you afford all of that!?


I work very, very hard.

Then I play very, very hard. With yoyos and other skill toys.