yoyofactory genesis or dna

i dont know witch one is better help

From what I heard the Genesis is more of a competition throw then the DNA, but I wouldn’t say it’s better then the DNA.

Your safest bet between those two is the Genesis. The shape and wall (high?) of the DNA gives it a bit of a throwback (yeah, ALLLLllll the way back in history… coz 2007 is ancient!) vibe.

I mean, they’re two different weights (Genesis being heavy, DNA being light), two different shapes (H vs. “organic”), with two different intentions (competition, stability vs. ?? nowadays it would be considered a chilled oldschool vibe?). It would be tricky to find two less similar yoyos. I’m sure it could be done, but it’d be a bit of work.

A Genesis, I’ve played and even before that I would’ve bought one without having tried it. I’m confident in its performance. A DNA is strangely intriguing to me… maybe because I already have yoyos that fill the role the Genesis fills. I’d probably get the DNA because I don’t really have anything like it… but I think it’s pretty much a no-brainer that if this is one of your first expensive all-metal yoyos, that the Genesis is the safe bet.

The DNA uses hubstacks. Which I believe are banned from competition after Yuuki Spencer whiped the contest floor with an 888. So if you are looking into competition. go with the Genesis.

As for play, the genesis easily outplays the DNA. its just…better! hahaha I reccomend spending the extra $20 though and getting a Luis Genesis over a standard one. Te difference in play is so amazing that youll be so happy you spent the extra money

I love my genesis to death but its beat to heck i gotta get a new one but it can handle anything pretty well