Yoyofactory Canon Input


I was looking at a few different medal budget throws again and came across the Yoyofactory Canon. It was made for a different site by Yoyofactory. I kind of looks like the aluminum dream, but has more of a wing shape to it. I really like the look and specs as well and was wondering if anyone has played with one yet/thoughts?


I tried it briefly at a contest, and wasn’t all that impressed. Its not awful, but the finish isn’t very blasted, and their was just something I didn’t like about it. If you want a decent v shape, the Czech Point is fantastic, really fast and fun to play. If your looking for 5a yoyos, I tried a Duncan origami and it was much better, however it doesn’t have a blast on the inside, if you care about that.


I have owned a Canon in the past, but have since sold it when I needed money. I am a 5A player, so my experience with it was pretty much limited to that style. Therefore, all I can say is that it is a beast 5A yoyo. As Throwto100 has mentioned, it is not the best overall, but it is my favorite for the price-range.


I’ve heard on a few occasions that it’s better for 3a and 5a than 1a. Not exactly sure why but that’s what I’ve heard.


I have heard this as well. As I have mentioned, I spent very little time doing 1A with it (and I can’t do 3A), so I can’t really guarantee the accuracy of this statement, though.

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Hmm, maybe ill give 3A a try with a pair of these… hmmmm, after xmas. /nods


I’ve been dabbling in 3a with my Skyvas. Feels very rewarding everytime I learn a new trick :slight_smile:

Will probably upgrade to Canons or Diplomats once I get proficient.


Is the Canon 6061? Does anyone know this?