YoYoFactory Boss vs Duncan Vendetta

If you’ve tried both yoyo’s out, which did you think played smoother? I’ve heard great things about both, so I was just curious which someone would prefer. I would fill out the questions you have to answer so people know what you are looking for in a yoyo, but I don’t think I’ve gotten to a point where I can choose what shape of a yoyo I like best and what responses I like best, for I haven’t tried too many yoyo’s to decide that.

Sience you haven’t tried very many yoyo’s, I would go with the Boss because the shape is a little more comfortable and familiar than the Vendetta, which is a weird angular shape.
Plus, the Boss is from YoYoFactory, so you know it’s gonna be good!

i didnt like the vendetta i tried, nor did i like the boss, but if i had to pick onr i would go with the boss, just a better overall yoyo in my opinion

There ya go… Two reviews by the same guy… Our very own Doc. Yoyo…

I haven’t tried either but I’d go, LIKE A BAWSS!!

BOSS is a better yoyo all around in my opinion.

I have a BOSS and it plays awesome I would choose a BOSS IMO :slight_smile: :wink: :smiley: ;D 8) ::slight_smile: :-X :-*

they both are great
but I will go with the boss because in my opinion it is like a heavier 888
but that is just my opinion

I actually tried both on their first day they came out but i like the boss buy a longshot. The vendetta is to snaggy.


Vendetta is hit or miss for people, and the sky didn’t part nor angels sing when I tried it.

I am sorry, I just had to comment. Not everything from Factory has been good. The first run GM2s were issued a recall because the walls were too thin. The 401k speed dials were also not so steller. And also, you are making that statement while comparing it with Duncan, who also makes GREAT yoyos. The only yoyos I havent liked that came from them are the original MFHZ, and the Vendetta. But I will concur with you 95% of what YYF produces is extremely well done, and they really worked hard on it.

But in related to the post, definitely the BOSS. I was just not a fan of the angular shape of the vendetta. Now if you had said MayheM…

I agree, the Vendetta is snaggy.

Bring your

I haven’t played the Vendetta, and I’m also not a fan of angular shapes. I did have an incredible experience with the BOSS, though, so I know it’s a superb throw. Check out my review if that helps! :wink:

YYF BOSS…duncan hasn’t been good or appealing to me…


Yeah, if he was choosing between the Boss and the Mayhem, I’d say Mayhem. The shape is much more familiar than the Boss.