YoYoFactory Adventure

So I’m looking at YYE’s IG account today and there was a super cool looking Yoyo called the Adventure by YoYoFactory in their feed. Does anyone have any Intel on the throw? It looks amazing and possibly Titanium… Not sure, it may be just raw Al. (Pictured below) I can’t wait to hear more about this.

Peace… - Woody

That’s a “B” the adventure Titanium Shutter. YYF did a indiegogo campaign a little bit ago for titanium shutters and Ben posted a while back that a few of them got the campaign logo engraved on them.

I can’t seem to find that photo on their ig…but to me it seems like it’s just a special edition titanium shutter, it’s got the same cup shape. I may be wrong but that’s my best guess

This image I got on IG but not on the normal feed. It’s from the new part of IG at the top, that is a takeoff from snapchat. But thank for the info. Now that I heard that. See the cup and it sure does look like the shutter. Thanks for the info.

Peace… - Woody