YoYoFactory Black Polished Shutter

Some quick cellphone pix

Here are some Lytro pix of the Shutter, along with some more 2014 World’s gear, including the 4th place winning Horizon, and the YYE x YYF Cypher/Popstar combo.




That is the best looking Shutter, by far.

Very cool.

That is gorgeous. I purchased the gold polished Shutter and somehow I think it is the best YYF throw I own. It plays significantly better than my two other Shutters. That’s weird, right? I mean, they’re all the same throw. I have multiples of lots of yo-yos and some play differently, some play the same, but seriously, this polished Shutter is unique in its absolutely outstanding play. It runs circles around my other Shutters. Has anyone else experienced this or is it all in my mind? I feel like I could win worlds with this thing! (not really, but it plays that well)