Shutter Question


Just tried the shutter today and loved it! Are they all bead blasted? I get the impression they’re not. I’m interested in the YYE Edition in red.


(major_seventh) #2

I believe the YYE Red Shutter is indeed blasted. Some Shutters (the first ones) weren’t, however.

I’m loving mine as well! :slight_smile:


Okay good. I had already ordered it and then saw that some were not blasted. Panic! Thanks for putting me at ease.


Off the top…in a zone. 8)

It’s a good question, and I’m so glad that you asked it,
You want to know something? Pretty sure that Shutter is blasted.
I have some Shutters, I know about the Shutter designs,
I counted my Shutters, and so far I have about nine.
I’ve been collecting them, and about a year it has taken me,
I was so excited when I got my hands on a Jason Lee.
Polished Shutter, blasted Shutter, engraved or a splashed,
I have a black Pulsar Shutter, and a red and black halves.
When I play with a Shutter, I don’t know which one to choose,
The silver, the gold, or blue Shutter I won from Yoyonews.
One of the best releases ever, so true, if you ask me,
Throw Shutter forever, dropped a letter…love the Fact’ry.


<---- sounds like you need to change your favorite yoyo

(major_seventh) #6

One of these days you need to come up with a Yoyo Rap Album ;D


^ Haha… DMII is my first love so I’ll have to always keep that the same. But, I think the Shutter was a brilliant release, with those specs, at that price point, in all those varieties, polished, blasted, splashed, limited engraved, and now 7075ed with the Shu-Ta. Have mercy! I just think it is one of the best marketed releases of all time. There is a Shutter for everyone. It plays so good too. :wink:

I’m working on the rap album, about 5 songs done so far. I’m writing CLYW song now. Fact’ry song lyrics are complete, but it has to be recorded and remastered with new music.