Bead-Blasted Shutter?

Hi all!

I was looking in to getting a shutter but I would like to know, Are any shutters bead-blasted? From the images it looks like the YoYoExpert edition’s may be but it’s hard to tell.


I believe the regular and razor editions are bead blasted as well. I’ve owned both of those versions and they grind like beasts.

Yes they are.

So basically all the shutters are bead-blasted?

I believe so. Just email the Yoyoexpert staff.

I will. Thanks!

The very first release of the shutter is not bead blasted, all the new ones are. All the ones on YYE are. I try to only support smaller companies and indie companies. But I think I am going to have to break down and buy the camo shutter just for it’s finish lol

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