Shutter Release

Anyone order a shutter?
I just put my order in for one in aqua.

Actually pretty excited about this throw. The shape looks interesting.

Yep, I pre-ordered a black/red one last evening. I too like the looks of this throw a lot. It has an appearance normally associated with throws twice it’s price. I am anxious to get it in the mail and see how it behaves.

(Man, I’ve been spending a lot of money on yo-yos and yo-yo accessories as of late. Gotta keep that new Boulay baby in nappies & booties!)

Nice :slight_smile:

We get yoyos, Little Boulay gets yoyo themed booties its a win win!

My bro pre ordered an aqua and violet one last night. It looks fantastic!

Can’t decide between blue or green.

Anyone got that email yet?

I pre-ordered a Red/Black. This will actually be my first baped throw! Not that that has anything to do with play or performance, but it’s always neat to add a new “first” to the collection. :slight_smile:

“Baped” refers to half blue/half green yoyos… Named after the OG Bapezilla which was blue/green.

I was able to play one today and I have to say it played VERY nice!!! Certainly much better than most YYF I have played… VERY smooth too. The stability was crazy too… Just gave it a few throws though…

Nevermind the booties…we have to help send him to college, and we only have 18 years to get the job done :smiley: I chipped away at the college costs by also making a Shutter purchase. I think you know which color I went for too. Can’t wait to get it! YoyoFactory has not missed lately…they are on a roll.

Really? Because YYF have some of the best competition-oriented yoyo’s, IMO.
I’ve heard the feedback is pretty solid on this. I’ll wait a little to grab one but it sounds promising.


I appreciate your advocacy on YoYoFactory’s behalf CaribouNick. I grow so weary of backdoor calumny found in remarks such as; “Certainly much better than most YYF I have played…”. Everyone certainly holds the right to their personal preferences. It is another matter however to insinuate those who hold predilections which differ from your own lack your refined point of reference.

I have several throws in my bag from YYF, including NorthStar, Roll Model, ProtoStar, Genesis and Supernova. These are all commendable yo-yos which are unnecessarily and unfairly denigrated by comments such as the antecedent.

I’m sorry Matt, that just struck me wrong.

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Maybe a little off topic, but you just convinced me to put in an order for a new Ann Whip (lost my blue one two days ago)
Great to hear so much good about the shutter, I found the promo vid to be amazingly awesome.

Oh wow… I guess after reading back I see what you mean. I was actually giving the yoyo a ton of praise!!! I will admit I do not have a ton of experience with YYF as I tend to prefer other companies. I have however thrown what most would consider their “top tier” throws such as the Supernova, Genesis, Catalyst, Superstar, G Funk, MVP and many of the Funda Metals… All play fine. I am a fan of the Genesis very much. BUT this Shutter for the price ($45.00) played at or above all of the yoyo’s I mentioned… All praise…


I know you very well, so I knew how you meant it :slight_smile:

You usually stick to a smaller group of makers these days, so a compliment outside of that, is indeed a compliment from you.

I know you were showing the Shutter some love. :slight_smile: YoyoFactory for the win! ;D

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I already have a red and black Shutter and I can assure you guys… You made a great decision. Awesome throw that could easily cost twice it’s price. Plus, Gentry Stein… Can’t go wrong :wink:

Really? I knew it referred to the Bapezilla, but I just always assumed that you could use the term for any yoyo that was half & half. :-\

Is it me or has someone seen that shape before?

wh’cha mean specifically?

The Brave, maybe?