YoyoFactory Shutter Alien Galaxy


There are still some left. I got mine. This is the best looking Shutter yet. Don’t miss out! :wink:

ShutterAlien by The TotalArtist, on Flickr

ShutterAlienb by The TotalArtist, on Flickr

Shutter30 by The TotalArtist, on Flickr

Shutter29 by The TotalArtist, on Flickr

Shutter27 by The TotalArtist, on Flickr

Shutter25 by The TotalArtist, on Flickr

Shutter22 by The TotalArtist, on Flickr

Shutter16 by The TotalArtist, on Flickr

Shutter11 by The TotalArtist, on Flickr


TA man I wish I had the money…well I got the money, but I can’t buy another throw before I get my wife something (just spent $115 on a cascade.) but if I did this would be the throw. It is stunning I think. I love the dark black/grey fade and the pop of pink. I really am torn though between this or the new pulsar superstar color being better.

Ugh these two throws are the best color ways to come out in a while. Soooooooooo sssseeeexxxxxyyyyyy!!!


I agree, this is really one to get…if you can. I like this one better than the Superstar color. But, all these great Fact’ry colorways lately, are pretty close in terms of how nice they all look. The thing I love about YoyoFactory is that they pay attention, and when people asked for more colorways, they certainly delivered…hands down. This is one of the best yet, and still affordable too.


Oh man that’s pretty.


YYF is on a roll lately. That fancy Aviator, the Cyborgs, this and the Pulsar Superstar are all really neat colorways and the 2014 Genesis is fairly simple and classy in addition to being an insane throw.

…though I’m not really sure why I say “lately” since they’re really been on a roll for…forever, being one of the first companies to regularly use 7075 aluminum, put out a phenomenal plastic years ago, the Fundametal line with amazing players for the price at the time like the Boss and Yuuksta, a “budget” Ti throw that is also the best undersized organic I’ve ever thrown, competitive level budget throws in the past year starting with the Shutter.

Since I’m slobbering all over YYF already, I gotta say I can’t believe I never saw a single mention of the Ann Connolly HOT on the forums. Looks so good to me, it may have just slid under the radar as I think it sort of just silently popped into stock in some stores without much press whereas the Ain’t Nothin’ HOT and Galaxy Proton at least had a little advertisement when they came out a few months before the Ann Connolly HOT.


I haven’t been in the game too long, but I will say that they do seem to respond to the demand that their customers put out. I think it is phenomenal business practice to have a well stocked supply, fair prices, and a crew that listens to their customers. YYF will be a company I will proudly spend my money on for a long long time. Not to mention the genesis is probably my fav throw, even over my cascade (pains me to say it). I’m all geeked like you TA, your not the only one super excited about what their doing lately.


Is it blasted TA?

I got a the whole the Pulsar Shutter and its great but not blasted :frowning:

Though my 2014 Genesis is quite smooth and great!


I’m not sure it’s blasted, but it doesn’t look the same as my gold blasted Shutter. It feels about the same though. The Galaxy Shutter has a matte look/feel to it, and after comparing it to my blasted Shutter, I think you’ll love it. So far, I have the polished, blasted, Jason Lee, Pulsar, and Galaxy Shutter. From @yoyofactory Instagram…is that an Ann Connolly Shutter? ;D



I’ve gone to the shutter page like 5 times thinking I might pick one of these up, but the splash for the sample pictures is not nearly as cool as yours. I just want it to be guaranteed to be TotalArtist-awesome!


My Shutter blushed when it read that. :-[ :wink:

I have an idea. You could always take a chance and buy one, and in the “notes” during the checkout process, ask them to find something similar to mine, if possible. They posted my Shutter on Instagram, so they have a reference from the Splash Game. No guarantee, but if there’s another one similar to mine, you might get it. The one in the store stock photo has a lot more pink. Funny thing is, they look really similar in motion, not as much alike in the still shots. I think no matter which one you end up with…this splash is a must-have. :slight_smile: Go for it!


Mine looks better than the product pics on YYE, but not as good as TA’s. It’s still awesome though.


mine is really dark matter with white spins that turns out grey on the edges and is speckles with pinkbubble , its really dark nothing like that one above. but mine is beautiful as well my favorite is my cups are like blasted heavy pink flowers which makes it have so much character.


I am planning on buying a shutter in about a week and I think I am going to get the red one. The Alien Galaxy looks cool but I just can not see spending an additional $20.