YoyoFactory Shutter Ann Connolly Collection


I’d like to know who’s interested in getting one of these for the Summer. I’d like to have that specific Shutter in the photo. I have so many now, polished, blasted, two-tone, YYE exclusive, Jason Lee, Alien Galaxy, Pulsar. I must build a Shutter case now. ;D Da Fact’ry is on the job. That Shutter is gorgeous.



It’s annoying how Ann’s special editions always change.


You mean they appear on different models, or the color scheme changes from one to the other?


Model to model.

(Amplified) #5

I guess like most people, she plays with more than one throw. :wink:

They look great.


I think the key is it’s a “special edition”, not a signature model.


That Shutter looks fantastic!



I usually don’t like pink throws, but i might get the Shutter, and that new pink Protostar looks great!


Ooh that splash looks awesome yay for her.


That color scheme on that shutter is fantastic! I might have to consider getting one if the actual stock looks as good as in the picture!


I love the new splashes yyf is doing.


Me too! I was saying to TA in one of the other threads that YYF have really picked up their game with the splashes lately.



Agreed. I always used to feel that YYF had some of the worst splashes, but now they’re bringing out the best. That Shutter is absolutely gorgeous.


I am getting the shutter no matter the cost. That is beautiful


gotta agree with TA, this particular Shutter os freaking awesome…
I want one too…



The Shutter itself doesn’t appeal to me but I really want either this colorway or an Alien Galaxy one anyway


I like pink throws, but this one is toooo girly. Don’t like it…NEXT!!


This Shutter looks fantastic!


One of the best pink-themed splashes from any company in recent memory.


I really like it. Unique splashing.