YYWS is working on a titanium yo-yo, the YYWS TiTANIC

Hi everyone

Some of you may have seen the YYWS announcement today on Facebook regarding their incoming titanium throw. In case you are curious, Wayne from YoYo Workshop was kind enough to send me some extra details to share with everyone, which you can find here.

Exciting news!

Just the name gives me a sinking feeling…

But I guess whatever floats your boat.


I wonder how floaty it will be…

Yeah I know that was low…

Too many titaniums and bimetals… even Vosun is making a titanium yoyo.

Crossing fingers for Magic Yoyo’s titanium to become reality haha.

The hype for titanium yoyos is of titanic proportions. Seems like everyone is coming out with titainums now. I wonder how long this ship will sail for. I have a feeling this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Same thing with the whole aluminum yoyo stuff I guess… and then it goes 7075, and then titanium.

When it comes to titanium, the more, the merrier. Bring it on!

I want some titanium but sadly i dont have the money…

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This will be cool.