YoYoFactory 44 Clash Edition

This is one of my pride and joy. my YYF 44 Clash edition yo-yos!!!

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Nice collection! I have a Gold 44Clash Doomsday Genesis myself. She’s a beauty… so shiny…

Mmm, caped severe.

Are the 44clash Gold Genesis considered rare? Because they are still pretty easy to find brand new. Not that I wouldn’t like to have one, but the price is a little high…

Where (pm me)?

It’s definitely one of the more popular yoyofactory throws since it’s basically the same as the doomsday genesis. They still only sell in the $100 range though so you’ll take a loss. I’d personally grab one of the New Genesis SS throws since it appears to be the same but with Stainless steel rings

I would have but they ran out of the blue ones literally the day they started selling them. I like the look of the black Genesis SS too but I don’t know, I’m not a big fan of black yoyos in general unless they’re really shiny. Too hard to see in low light.

The site I think we’re both talking about has 12 of the black ones still in stock so I think they will last at least a few weeks. I’m gonna wait and see if something I want more doesn’t pop up in that time.

I’m really hoping to see a review or two for the SS ring Genesis pop up soon. imo it’s one of the first North American company efforts to do anything actually innovative in a while. Yes I know that it’s been done by some of the Asian manufacturers (to great success) already but compared to pretty much everything else that’s been released in the past few years, bimetals still have a ton of room to grow in my eyes so I’m really curious how YYF’s take on bimetal with one of their most proven designs turns out.

I’m only aware of 1 store selling them at the moment and only black is available. Hoping they make their way to YYE/somewhere that uses USD and that the USD price is a little more favorable since $145+overseas shipping is pretty stiff.

Yeah they must have had some at JN2014 and some stores picked them up there. Probably not ready to send them out en masse yet… or maybe they’re thinking of the ones initially sold as a test run. If so…more blue, more colors please. :slight_smile:

Are you forgetting about YYJ?

YYJ has had the ring patent forever but hasn’t done that much with it. They’re stifling innovation more than creating it IMO. Besides, oops said “…it’s one of the first North American companies…”

Yyf also did the C22, I don’t see how yyj is doing anything less creative then other companies either.

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It’s a matter of opinion I suppose, but I think Japanese companies are way ahead of the curve. They started using better metals, they made bimetal yoyos popular, and in general, have just been making way, way better yoyos than North American companies lately. Look at companies like yoyocreation, yoyojoker, and turning point, and compare them. Not even close.

I mean YYF for the most part just releases the same handful of metal yoyos over and over and there’s not much difference between them anyway. YYJ is a little better but not much. The smaller companies like OneDrop and CLYW are better too IMO…

Japanese yoyos are nice if you like v shapes,

CLYW is making a lot of V shapes now too. They’re gentler V shapes but still.

But yes, I do like V-shapes. I also like H-shapes. I don’t like “organic” shapes and really wide yoyos like you find more in the states and Canada. Organic shape needs to die already.

They are pretty much all V-shapes or modified stepped V-shapes in Japan, though. Didn’t quite notice the extent until you mentioned it and I browsed through a bunch of them. Sturm Panzer is the only one I could find making H-shapes.

Organics have their place. Just not on stage at a major competition. On a lazy Sunday afternoon, however, my Crayon is just right :slight_smile:

I’ve heard the gold 44clash Genesis called a “doomsday Genesis” but I have this one…


Are they both “doomsday Genesis”? I don’t get it.


K…I figured the one that says Doomsday = Doomsday. I gather this is 7075 aluminum then? It’s got a really good splash for 7075.

Love mine. :slight_smile: https://scontent-a-sea.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xfp1/t1.0-9/10583853_10152537465089192_4226958654280708394_n.jpg