YoYoFactory 2010 G5 Resurrected

When I got this the string was not looped around the bearing but instead tied in a knot, there were 4 more knots in the once yellow string. Badly banged rims. But what was the worst was the fact it was 30/1000th off, I thought it was an axle, no such luck. Had to use a small plastic/rubber hammer to fine tune it. When I started it wobbled so bad the string vibrated. Roughly about an hour and a half of sanding, polishing and tuning now she plays perfect.

That looks awesome

Now tell me more about this hammer technique…

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That looks incredible!

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I use a digital caliper to measure the width of the yoyo in several spots the entire circumference, find and mark the widest spot and use a small hammer to readjust the width, tapping on the outside of the rim. Do this several times until I get consistent readings. This I would only do on one that was really bad as I had nothing too lose. I got it within 3/1000th of an inch 1.467" to 1.470". It is very smooth now almost no vibe.


So, do you think the hub was bent?

Nice work resurrecting that.

Yes it was the hub, the bearing seat was fine, also the axle. Had me perplexed. I couldn’t figure it out until I started to take measurements.

Really nice work! I’ve used that same hammer technique with some returned yo-yos that are really beat up, it’s pretty effective.

Very cool! But how did you know the bearing seat was fine? Visual inspection?

Hes just visually checked clearance between the bearing and the seat through an eye piece.

What a transformation! That looks amazing, you wouldn’t think it was the same yoyo! Really impressive work. :o

Actually, considering there is a micrometer there and he is getting these very exact figures I’d guess he checked the bearing seat tolerances as well to see perfect it was.

Looks good! Props to you for fixing it . I think the polished rims make it look better.

Hey, that’s what I do too haha. If you want it even smoother, shave down the spacer part of the bearing seat down a tiny bit, until all of it is level and no one part is deeper or taller than the other.